"The Lightenupandshoot philosophy has been my vehicle for adventure and exploration since picking up a camera in 2009.  I was a mortgage broker with no loans to write after the market tanked, so I did what any sane person would do and moved to Colombia.  With nothing to lose I walked into a fashion magazine in Medellin and asked if I could shoot for them.  I didn't know a soul, had no Spanish skills and no understanding of the photographic world; a week later I got called to shoot an editorial and cover which inspired me to share my newly found path on YouTube. Photographers from around the globe began sending in questions about my minimalist approach in technique and gear; so for the next couple of years I traveled around the globe presenting and teaching the 'Lightenupandshoot Style' workshop.  It's not which brand of camera you shoot with, it's about letting the camera take you down a path of exploration.  So get off your ass, lighten up and shoot."   


LA Based Photographer / Michael Thompson


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Jan 13-15        Full Moon Shoot and LUAS Style                            Joshua Tree, CA


TBA              LUAS Exploration Colombia                                   Medellin 


TBA              Black Rapid Studio - LUAS Style                             Seattle, WA


TBA              B&H Event Space - Light Painting                            New York, NY