Full Moon Workshop Jan 13-15

One of my favorite photography moments was the first time I shot in Joshua Tree National Park all by my lonesome at two o'clock in the morning under a beaming full moon. My photographer friends were passed out in their cozy sleeping bags while I seized the moment.  The next several hours were spent walking in moon light painting Joshua Trees. Each photo is a bit of a mystery during the take and then you see the results unfold.  Light painting is creating art, you're literally painting with light in the middle of the night.  I really have no words to describe the experience.

Workshop:  attendees will stay in a big house rented on the outskirts of Joshua Tree National Park, if you want somewhere more private to stay email me. Feel free to bring your significant other to enjoy the experience with you.  Foodies will enjoy at least one gourmet meal prepared and breakfast provided each day.  Also since the group is small there will be lots of one on one shoot time and a lecture covering light painting/photoshop techniques.  More details on the event space page.